I’m Linda. I’m 34 (about to turn 35) and I live in northern Virginia. I’m married to a detective (yes, really), and have one dog (Special Agent Dale Cooper) and one cranky senior cat (Pixel). I’m a Gemini, though I’m not sure I believe in astrology, and I’m also an INTJ, though Myers-Briggs is bullshit. I don’t believe in ghosts either, until it’s dark and I’m trying to sleep.

This is me.

about pic

I work in nonprofit technology. Before I sold my soul and joined the for-profit world (best decision ever, by the way), I worked in animal sheltering. You know that Bukowski quote? “Find something you love and let it kill you.” That was sort of what it was like. But now I manage social media, manage my company’s blog, manage projects, manage my time, manage all sorts of things. And it doesn’t kill me! I don’t wake up every morning thinking of creative ways to injure myself so I don’t have to go to work. I even make more money. How about that.

I’ve been blogging unprofessionally for decades. Remember Livejournal? I blogged there when I was 16. There’s still a Livejournal account somewhere with more than a decade of my dumb thoughts. Don’t find it and read it. But somehow I found myself blogging professionally and my personal blogging stopped. So, this is an attempt to rectify that, and write for me, instead of SEO.

Have questions? Contact me! I don’t bite. Usually.