Hi! I’m Linda. I’m a nonprofit techie by day and renegade blogger by night. 

I chose the name “Fluffy Kitten Party” for my blog because I needed a domain name and entered a ridiculous string of words out of frustration — every dignified, adult domain name I tried was unavailable. And, lo, out of frustration and happy accidents, my brand was born!

I started this blog as a personal project in 2018, as I quit Weight Watchers for the very last time and embarked on a journey to root diet culture out of my life. Since then, I’ve developed a following of people looking to do the exact same thing. I’ve had my work published in Scary Mommy, Adios Barbie, and I’ve written for Center for Discovery. I’ve been a guest on the Conjuring Up Courage podcast with Shohreh Davoodi.

I’m in my late thirties and live in Northern Virginia. I have a husband and a dog, Special Agent Dale Cooper. I had a cat for 17 years named Pixel, who recently passed away after a battle with kidney failure and took a piece of my heart with her. When I’m not writing and daydreaming about being able to turn this into a full-time gig so I don’t have to do more Zoom calls, I create resin art, paint with watercolors (poorly – I’m learning!), watch TV, eat snacks, and hang out online. I post a lot on Instagram, where I go by @littlewingedpotatoes.

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Have questions? Want to have me on your podcast to talk about fat stuff? Pay me to write something? Tell me story? Ask me a question? Contact me! I don’t bite. Usually.